Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Items, Photos, Stained Glass Stars

An album of my stained glass stars, most for sale at my Etsy shop.  (Click on the image below to see the whole album.)  I'll hopefully be posting more of these albums, although this one took about three hours to put together!

Picasa Album: Stained Glass Stars

In other news...

You may have noticed (I hope you noticed) that I managed to list a new item in my shop. This was no small feat--I always forget how long it takes just to list one item. Between taking the photos and getting enough good ones during the course of one often-four-hour session outdoors, then cleaning up the photos to make them presentable (and perfectly square, since Etsy seems to balk at anything else), then describing it in detail and listing the components, coming up with appropriate and attention-getting tags, trying to determine prices whilst shutting out the voice of guilt at asking for money...it was several hours from the time I started the listing until it was finished. But it's up, and I'm glad, because I'm quite happy with how the set turned out:

An amusing anecdote about these photos: I think I did a relatively good job of cleaning it up, but I was only able to use one of the photos of me wearing the necklace and none of the ones of me wearing the earrings.  If you look very closely at my neck in the fourth photo you might detect several hundred little bits of cut hair...I'd gotten a haircut a few hours earlier, and I guess it didn't occur to me that they might show up in the photo.  So when I took it off the hard drive and opened it, all I saw was hair all over my neck and chest.  (I think I find this funnier than anyone else I've tried to explain it to...maybe you had to be there.)  Perhaps it's fortunate that we were only able to get these photos before we had to pack it in; no sooner had we set up the tripod and the backdrops than it began spitting rain, complete with blue cloudless sky.  Ahh, England. :)

Should the weather and my health decide to cooperate simultaneously, I'm hoping to have some more new photographs soon. I have five new amazing pieces finished that I'm dying to get up in my shop:

  • tourminalated quartz briolette with garnet clusters and 14KGF/vermeil necklace and earrings set
  • long celestite drop and white seed pearl cluster sterling rose post earrings (necklace in progress)
  • carved rock crystal quartz flower briolette (so pretty!) and oxidized sterling silver necklace and earrings set
  • deep blue-green apatite ovals with brushed vermeil and 14KGF double-stranded necklace and earrings set
  • white keishi pearl cluster and 14KGF/vermeil long drop earrings

And there may be more, depending on how productive I am this week--I have a button that I've been dying to work around, a nice big detailed vintage cut steel, which I'm experimenting with using Swarovski CAL2x beads, Bali granulated beads, and textured oxidized sterling chain (waiting for supplies to arrive), as well as a larkivite and mystic black spinel cluster sterling bracelet that is close to finished (again, waiting on supplies). Also a mystic pink topaz and rainbow moonstone briolette festoon-type necklace on large round link chain (guess what? awaiting supplies)...but I'm getting ahead of myself for a change. Must be patient, one thing at a time and all that. I'm quite excited to get these up, though, or at least to get photos. Not to mention the wine glasses I'm painting…

Does anyone want to sign my petition for adding more hours to the day?

Soon, I hope ~

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