Saturday, 26 May 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Beadia is here!

Hello one and all,

Welcome to a Very Special Episode of my blog.  I thought I'd take a moment out of this beautiful weekend to let you all know that my brilliant, fantastic, amazing husband has created a brilliant fantastic, and amazing software app for jewelry artists, and I highly encourage you all to take a good look at it.  It's called Beadia, and you can use that link right there to test a demo of it for free.  The page does a pretty good job of explaining exactly what the software does, but as someone who has been watching it unfold slowly over the past year or so, I can attest to it having been given a great deal of thought, effort, and, dare I say, love.  It's incredibly user friendly (if I can figure out how to use the thing, anyone can) and yet, somehow, also ridiculously comprehensive.

If you're a jewelry artist who wants to be able to organize your supplies as well as your finished work, keep contact information for customers and suppliers, keep track of supply costs, profits, and so much more, I highly recommend you take a look at Beadia.  And if you buy before the end of June you get $10 off.

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On a personal note, watching my husband work on this, from concept to completion, has been illuminating.  It's always fascinating to watch someone so good at their craft as they create something amazing.  I can honestly say, without bias, that I'm proud of this software, and I'm proud of him.

I'll keep updating this blog with any news about Beadia that I think you might be interested in.  I believe he might be starting up a blog for it as well, and I'll certainly link to that.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about the software and would like to speak directly to its creator, email Jamie Knight at

edit: There is now a blog for Beadia, where Jamie is putting a lot of the information and how-tos, help sections, and keeping everyone apprised on the progress of updates.  You can also follow Beadia on Twitter for 140-character-or-less updates.

Talk soon,